What is the HACK Initiative?

The HACK Initiative is a volunteer program created by us at IDEA to bring programming education to younger children. We can teach programming in both physical and virtual environments.

Cinco Ranch Branch Library

August 2019 - February 2020

Our first volunteer class, we taught 4th-8th graders basic Java at the Cinco Ranch Branch Library. There were a total of 4 1-hour long meetings.

Cinco Ranch JH

Februrary 2020-May 2020

Usually brought 7-8 volunteers on a weekly basis to the nearby Cinco Ranch Junior High to teach basic Java and later transitioned into teaching the Flutter SDK and Unity. Transitioned into weekly Zoom meetings with 3 volunteers.

Beck JH

Februrary 2020-May 2020

Brought 4 volunteers to start the same program from Cinco Ranch JH at Beck JH. Transitioned into weekly Zoom meetings with 3 volunteers.

Sewa International Houston

June 2020-Present

We're currently volunteering with Sewa International Houston to teach the basics of p5.js online through a weekly Facebook Live video.