IDEA was founded on the belief that you’re never too young use technology to solve the world’s problems, and an avid love for code. In 2017, most members of IDEA were learning to write their first lines of code, but a passion for technology and innovation led from a single high-schooler teaching himself android app development, to taking a couple friends to their first hackathon, to a community-wide phenomenon. Now, we’ve impacted countless students and schools by sharing our love for code, and encouraging the use of technology for social good, to solve problems like climate change, local pollution, and disadvantaged charity using software development, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. But we don’t plan on stopping here, this is just the beginning.

Our Goal: to Spark Passion for Software Development

We provide an opportunity for students at our school to learn, compete, and create

Students use their Computer Science skills to create anything they want, from mobile and web apps, to games, and even intelligent computers through machine learning.

Members have the opportunity to compete in hackathons – often college-level 24-hour development competitions where the best combination of idea and proof of concept wins.

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We teach topics ranging from app/game development to machine learning and complex algorithms. Through the use of project oriented course docs, our members are able to learn topics quickly and start creating almost immediately


We create software using a variety of technologies to create projects for our club, school, and community, as well as competing in many hackathon competitions


We encourage students start to start learning computer science and software development at a young age. To do this, many of our members volunteer to run organizations for our junior high feeder schools that focus on teaching coding in a fun and engaging way

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