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A student-led organization devoted to sparking and honing passion for Computer Science in the community.

Our Mission

Here at the Innovation and Development Association (IDEA), our goal is to create an environment where students interested in learning the various skills associated with the vast field of software development are able to grow and thrive. We move beyond simply answering computer science problems to creating real world solutions that can be implemented by giving members of our club the resources to create their own software.


Beginner Learning

We work with anyone who wants to get into coding to quickly get them on the right track. Our teaching is fast-paced but fun.

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Competitive Programming

We participate in a variety of competitive programming contests such as HP CodeWars or the US Computing Olympiad and prepare students for these competitions.

Software Development

We also have a focus on software development, preparing students for real-world jobs. Students can learn mobile app development, video game development, and even Artificial Intelligence.



The knowledge and passion we spread is not limited to high school students; we dedicate ourselves to bringing them to younger children as well. As of now, we have reached over 100 junior high and elementary students through our HACK Initiative, where we teach beginner programming in both physical and online environments.


Upcoming Events


IDEAHacks is our own hosted hackathon. We’ll be focusing on growing the Houston Hacker Community and increase the access to tech education.


Summer outreach program

To support and enable technology education in the US during the quarantine, we have partnered with SEWA International, to stream tech education to thousands of disadvantaged JH and elementary students.

bi annual competition

To foster improvement and some friendly competition, IDEA members will compete head-to-head on their favorite independent projects for the chance to win prizes and a deployment package

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Recent Competitions

Silicon valley hacks

Silicon Valley hacks was a five-day virtual hackathon open to all students. They offered special prizes to the best climate change hack, the best health, and the best education hack, with the latter 2 areas being greatly disrupted by COVID-19.


Rowdy hacks

Rowdy Hacks is a 24-hour competitive programming event at the University of Texas at San Antonio in which, teams of students work together to “hack” a website, app, or tool. They had $11,166 in prizes.

Titan hacks

TitanHacks was an online high school hackathon that will ran from April 11-12. High school students came for the weekend and team up to build an app, game, or website. They had $1,905 in prizes

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Mobile Development

Apps are some of the most popular and convenient ways to access software for many users, so knowing how to build them is key to success in tech.

Web Development

In the age of the web and with the increasing popularity of Single Page Applications, it’s important for us to be able to keep up with the industry and learn key web development frameworks and skills.

Artificial Intelligence

As Andrew Ng famously says – “AI is the next electricity”. As future innovators we look forward to participating and contributing to this new revolution.